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Bridging The Gap Between The Business And Under Served Communities

262-297-3195 [email protected]

About Us

Conduit LLC is a consulting, coaching and strategy business that was established to help foster diversity, equity and inclusion. We provide THE PERCEPTION BENEFIT (a leadership and organizational training), motivational speaking and strategy sessions for their employees to further develop the skills to view the marketplace and the world around them through the eyes of someone from a completely different background.

This broader perspective and increased awareness of the need to help people within underserved communities acquire the skills for a livable wage will expand the business's profit margin.

I began my journey in this work by lobbying, organizing and on public speaking platforms for social justice and criminal justice reform while working with the ACLU, JustLeadership and a lot of other organizations. I worked on campaigns that focused on dismantling systemic racism and inequities and disparities associated with race, gender and class. I credit a number of people within these organizations for helping me gain the necessary experience which led to the creation of Conduit LLC.

Where I place an emphasis on the need to cultivate more inclusive environments by advocating for the BIPOC community and historically marginalized groups to be truly accepted and not just simply tolerated.

Gener8tor, AMFAM Corporate and Social Impact Institute and Northwestern Mutual’s Product Brew are a few of the more recognizable brands I have worked with.

I am currently working as a voter relational organizer for an organization entitled For Our Future WI and I am a Communication student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (looking to incorporate organizational communications into my studies).

If you wish to learn more about my consulting work, feel free to get in touch with me.

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